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E-shop 6.0 1.2.2011

This month all of our clients using our e-shop may expect an update to a new version 6.0. More info could be found here.

DNS 13.12.2010

New version of services administration offers plenty of improvements for working with your hosting. The main news is the possibility to edit DNS records for your domains.

NONSTOP technical support

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Easy managment of your domains and hosting services.


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NONSTOP technical support

Phone: +420 553 810 250
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Optimalized for opensource

We manually tested more then 140 opensource systems and some of them are ready for one-click instalation in your administration.

Our products and services

We offer hosting servics with the best price to size ratio.  Discount up to 64 percent if you order 2+ years.

We are direct certified registrars of .cz domain names and we can provide registration of wide array of generic and country code domains.

Complex solution suited for most clients with easy instalation, administration, low cost and nonstop technical support .


Do you fear, that making new website will be too hard or too expensive? Come to our free seminar or to our workshop and we will prove you wrong.  We will show you, how to create website in our content managment system and explain how to get better positions on google. Now with hiscount!