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Administrative contact

When you register a domain you need to fill an administrative contact who can and has the right to change any information on domain names, but can not change the domain holder. This contact can be established for the Czech domain on, when after you fill in the form, a lot of information will be displayed and you can find the contact as administrative domain.


Alias indicates that multiple domains (web links) refer to single web hosting, where the website is stored. As an example are aliases for the domain Thus, when a user enters a domain or appears website.


AUTH-ID, or the AUTH-INFO or password authentication is important when you change your domain registrar, or to transfer it. To obtain this password, you must send request to current registrar of your domain.


It is one of the three top level domains. More precisely, it is that part of the domain, that allocates the domain to one state. For example: where CZ denotes ccTLD for Czech republic. In most cases, they are two-letter names, with a few exceptions according to predetermined standards.

Central registry

This is a database of domain names, their holders and others that are kept by CZ.NIC. The Central Register is a source for Domain Name delegation led by the primary zone name server.


This is one of the DNS record types. This indicates that the domain is an alias of another domain (see Alias). If for any domain there is this record, there may not be any other.


The association of legal entities, which maintain a central register of all CZdomains. Link:


A system that allows you to translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa.

Domain/Domain name

It is the contact that is listed in the domain whois and which has the right to manipulate with the domain name (domain).


It is electronic mail service, that - using the internet - allows sending and receiving messages over electronic communication systems.

Domain expiration

Date that indicates when the registered period of that domain is going to expire. For the Czech domains then occurs 60 protection perioid, when during the first 30 days the domain is still functional. In the last 15 days the domain is not functional and therefore it is removed from the central register CZ.NIC. After the protection period the domain again becomes free andanyone can take it again to register.


A protocol that allows transfer of files between computers or servers via a computer network.


Hosting means renting space on the server for the website owner, who then provides the following pages available on the Internet.


Internet protocol for exchange of hypertext documents in HTML format. It does not allow encryption or data security integrity.


As in the case of HTTP, HTTPs is the protocol for those i0nternet connections between the webbrowsers, which need to be protected from eavesdropping, tampering with data. It also allows you to verify the identity of the counterparty.

IP Adress

In the world of IT this is how we call series of numbers separated by periods - the IP address of a computer or server on the network. So far we still use IPv4, butthe shortcomings of IP addresses in this version will eventually be replaced by IPv6.


Today it is the most widely used version of IP addresses, which uses 32 bit addresses registered for each decimal octets, for example, But with the speed of increase of new users on the Internet the finite number of IP adresses starts to be unsufficient.


In near future IPv4 will be replaced by IPv6, which uses 128-bit IP addresses, thus avoiding shortages of free IP addresses - at least for several decades.


LAN or local area network, which refers to a computer network in a small area. This is mainly for households and small businesses. For a small distance between the computers, its speed is being calculated in Gb / s.


Unix operating system, which is free and freely extensible software. Thus, this system can be further edited and shared.


MX is that kind of record in DNS, which contains information about mail server handling e-mail addresses for that particular Internet domain.


Database system, where communication is based on SQL language.


Type of DNS record, that is used for communicating a list of the parent DNS servers for that domain.


Nsset is a set of name servers in the Czech domains. It contains information on where the domain is routed and technical managers.


The scripting programming language. It is used for programming dynamic websites and web applications. It can also be used for creating console and desktop applications.


Object-relational open source database system. This system is especially developed for UNIX systems.


The computer program used for downloading and sending e-mail. These programs download mail using POP3 or access a remote mail via IMAP.

Registering a domain

It is the act of establishing and registering a new domain. Domain registration must be unique, it can be searched at the proper registry.


This is a company that has an authorized access to central registry and enters into it to demand changes in records kept by the central registry. Registrar in this manner manages domains for end users.


A computer that contains certain information or services that are accessible from the outside. For example, pages that are stored on these servers are, after inputting their adress, retrieved from the server and loaded up.


Internet protocol delivering the mail sender directly to the addressee's mailbox, which can then retrieve messages using POP3 or IMAP.


State of the art - concept DNS record. It is generally seen as the next phase of building enterprise information systems. SOA record in DNS records occurs only once.


An unwanted message, which occurs in the Internet world quite frequently. Previously used only for sending unwanted advertising e-mails, but today also various forums, comments are its targets. To avoid receiving these, you can use spam filters - a type of blacklist - to prevent spam.


A protocol that is used for secure file transfers via computer networks. Similar to the FTP protocol.


Protocol or layer that provides secure communications, encryption and authentication of both parties.


Classical third-order domain representation of subdomain is "www" before the domain name.

Technical contact

Contact that is listed at domains whois and which is authorized to change the technical settings of the given domain.


Domain address, which is used to accurately determine the source of the content of information.


Virtual Private Network lets you connect groups of computers through untrusted public network. To connect to the network you need to own a digital certificate used to authenticate the user. After logging communication is encrypted and therefore considered secure.


Virtual private server, can be thought of as a dedicated space on the server, which acts as a completely separate server without affecting the other virtual servers. Functionality is totally authentic as physical servers but its costs are much cheaper.


Web interface for access to FTP accounts domain (by browser). It is therefore not necessary to install the client application (eg, Total Comander, FileZilla, etc.)


Hosting means renting space on the server for the website owner, who then provides the following pages available on the Internet. Owners of servers are called webhosting providers.


The database used to record data about the owners of domain names and IPaddresses of multinational TLDs.