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Domain Name Transfer

What do I need to transfer a domain name?

If you’d like to transfer your domain name to our company, you’re going to first need an AUTH-info code. You can get this code from your current registrar, or use this form for .cz domain names. .sk domain names are an exception to the rule. If you want to transfer an .sk domain name, please write to

I have obtained my AUTH-info code. What should I do now?

Order Form. To have your domain verified, select the “I already have a domain name and wish to transfer it” option. You will be presented with an input field to enter your domain’s AUTH-info code into.

How long does it take to have a domain name transferred?

We transfer .cz domains instantaneously, .eu domains within one business day. With other domains, you will receive a domain transfer confirmation request by email. The following request takes place within three business days.

Is there anything else that I need to know?

As far as domain name transfers are concerned, that’s all you need to know. If you are, however, also interested in using our hosting services, please contact us at to have your domain name redirected, i.e., have its NSSET record set to BANAN.CZ-NSSET.