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A CZ Domain Certificate

A domain certificate is a representative document certified by the domain registrar (our company). The document verifies that the domain owner’s information is correct. Apart from the certificate holder’s name, the certificate also contains a listing of additional domain data, all printed on a high-quality paper sheet.


How can I get the certificate?

Opt for it upon registering a domain name with (in the Order Form) or request it at any later point by email at

How will the certificate reach me?

We will send you your certificate via certified mail within one month after you have placed your order.

What will the certificate mention?

Holder’s contact information; his/her name and last name, address, and email address; the designated registrar; a list of registered name servers; and the administrator and technical contacts for the domain.

How can I use the certificate?

You can use the certificate in whatever way you wish, e.g., you can use it to decorate your representational room or office.

How much is the certificate?

Prices listed in our up-to-date pricelist apply.