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DNSSEC - domain security

DNSSEC is addition to system of domain names DNS*, which enhances its security. DNSSEC grants users assurance, that the informations which are obtained from DNS are provided by correct source, they are full and their integrity was not interrupted during the transfer. DNSSEC will provide credibility to data obtained from DNS. At the moment only some LTD** registries (.fr, .net, .uk, .eu, .nl, .in) support this security feature, however, one of frontrunners in this technology is actually czech registry

Our solution is one of the first ten which adopted this technology

How to verify, your domain is DNSSEC protected?

You can get this information on Look at detail of these two domains in central domain registry: - the box "DNSSEC secured" is red, service is not active - the box "DNSSEC secured" is green, service is active

If you are our client you can also verify that you are DNSSEC protected at 

Zapnutý DNSSECYour DNS records are signed by DNSSEC technology

Vypnutý DNSSECYour DNS records are not signed by DNSSEC technology


*DNS - Domain Name System - further info here

**TLD - Top Level Domain - that means top internet domain (e. g. cz, com, eu, org etc.)

You can find a detailed article about DNSSEC here