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How to choose a domain name

Do not take the choosing of a domain name lightly. A domain name is not just some kind of address that will direct you to your website, once you type it into your browser.

Domain names are unique, and your possession of a domain name under a certain TLD means that no-one else can buy the same domain name, except from you. The market determines the price of a domain name for example, the value of the domain name was estimated at CZK 110,000,000 (approx. $5.5 million) in 2010.

Below, we offer you some advice and tips on how to select a domain name.

Preferably, domain names should consist of a single word of 2–7 characters. Following this guideline will help you avoid many complications, and domain names that comply with it are easy to remember.

If the domain name consists of two words, you should use a hyphen to separate them. This is the ideal solution from the perspective of SEO An even better solution, though, is to also register a second domain name, without the hyphen, and point it to the same website (e.g.,,, as many users find it difficult to find the hyphen on their keyboard. Doing so will also protect you from people registering the hyphenated or hyphen-less version of your domain name.

Domain names shouldn’t consist of more than three words. Multiple-word domain names are too complicated and will deter your potential visitors.

Your company’s name is the superior candidate for your domain name, and you should make sure to register it in multiple domain names so as to avoid cybersquatters intent on buying the other versions in order to attempt to sell them to your company for high prices. The Domain names of a company named A1, for example, could be as follows:,, and Buying domain names with the national top-level domain names of your neighboring countries is definitely something worth considering too (e.g., and

As part of your SEO , say for a site offering the services of an electrician, you will best satisfy search engines by choosing a domain name that accurately describes the profession. Most such domains, however, tend to have been already taken and are costly. One solution to this problem lies in combining your company name with the name of your line of business, e.g., Doing so will make you easier to find.

Domain names shouldn’t contain errors and intentional misspellings. E.g., will autocorrect entered misspellings. Consequently, searching for “byble” on Google will actually result in "" being found.

It can be said that pretty much all nice, short, and 100% descriptive names have already been taken and sold out. Domain names play a significant role in searching and are therefore highly sought-after and their prices tend to be high. We wish you the best of luck in your search for a suitable domain name.