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What is Domain?

A domain
or domain name is an address of your internet pages. If someone would like to visit you, you give him/her your address - it works on the Internet too. If someone would like to visit your web pages, he/she has to know their address, the domain name.

Unlike a post address you can choose your domain name. Whether the domain is available you can always check at whois (who is) service. If you want to know whether your chosen name is available, try or

If the domain name is available, you can book it in our domain centre (it applies for Czech domains). If you also want to order web hosting, e-mails, www pages for free, or other services,  please, continue with this order form.

Form of any domain name

Every domain name has its fixed form. You must have come across an address in the form of The form of any domain name has its meaning similarly to any post address, where we write the addressee first, then the street and finaly the town/country. We talk about so called levels:

www subdomain
domena second-level domain
cz top-level domain

Top-level domain

Top-level domain or ending specifies from which country the pages come from and in which language they are stored. But it is not always true - there are e. g. so called generic domains which specify rather content than the country of origin, e. g. domains with .com or .net. endings.

Second-level domain

Second-level domain is the most important one. It forms the name of your pages and it also has a priority when searching information. The name should correspond to orientation and content of pages - the most often used name is a name of a company or a business branch.

Third-level domain

Subdomain enables to distinguish more among various web pages within your domain. Beside the main subdomain www, which is mainly used for the main website presentation, you can use e.g. a subdomain in the form of for your e-shop. You will get subdomains free of charge and in unlimited number in addition to web hosting which you can order in our order form.