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A Reservation System for Free

A new feature of our content management system is the option to activate the reservation system feature. This new system is entirely free of charge and it allows you to manage reservations for clients in many different fields. Whether you’re talking sports centers (squash, bowling, etc.) or free-time activity reservations (sauna, whirlpool, etc.), or anything else.

A Video Tutorial

Reservation Dashboard

This section shows you your reservation numbers for the current and the next week. Next, the dashboard shows the number of all reservations made and the number of users who have made a reservation for a certain date.

Administrace stránek - přehled rezervace


To create a new event, click on the Event item in the Reservation section. A form will show up where you can enter the name of a given event and a short description.

Administrace stránek - vytváření nové údálosti

After that, you can fill in additional details regarding your event. You continue by setting the event duration (e.g., 60 minutes), and then you can specify for how long the event should be open for reservations (e.g., 2 months). You also have the option to specify until how long before the event starts will it be possible to cancel it (e.g., 15 minutes). You can also cancel a reservation before the start of the event.

Once you have entered these criteria, you can set schedule for making reservations. You enter those into the fields for each day. If you want to enter multiple times per day, use the comma to separate them. Use the HH:MM (hour:minute) format to enter the times.

Administrace stránek - rezervační časy

Viewing the Calendars

This section shows the individual reservation events. In order to activate an event, you must move it into the reservation panel. After saving, the individual tabs will turn into separate calendar in the menu and their names will turn into headings. Dragging multiple events into a single calendar will result in the events’ being merged. Their dates will then show up on the same page.

Rezervace - konfigurace zobrazení kalendářů