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Written about Us

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VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava

Logo VŠB

" provides our students with a unique opportunity to try solutions of their projects and ideas in commercial and real job environment out of university network for free.

Students get the opportunity to test their work this way in a real world and they can realize their projects without problems after finishing their studies under the protection of a quality provider of web hosting services.

Due to the technical support of the company and the professional leadership of VŠB-TU Ostrava university teachers they can solve real problems when practically realizing their applications."

Ing. Marian Mindek, Ph.D. VŠB-TU Ostrava

University of Economics, Prague

Logo VŠE

"The editorial system is a contribution to our students. They can view the result immediately and gain experience in common commercial environment.

Working with a professional editorial system is an interesting experience which they can later use in practice. "

Tomáš Novotný VŠE Prague

The Firefighter Squad Southern Moravian Region


Col. Zdeněk Nytra, Ing. (director for the region) wrote: "The webhosting and web development services of have been very reliable and featured a highly active support from the IT specialists in the company. The services rendered have thus become the foundational cause that has prompted the president of CICSP, Mr. Jean Jacques Martel, to express his appreciation for the work carried out as part of the organization of the World Championship.""

Read the whole letter over here.

Training centre PC-DIR Real

Logo PC-DIR Real

"Our training centre is an educational institution with a long tradition which is focused on providing quality training in Information Technology and Soft Skills.

It is recommended to our students to cooperate with to realize their web projects at our lessons in creation and development of www pages."

Radek Havelka, PC-DIR Real

Firemky Ltd

Logo Firemky

" enables us to develop an increasing number of our projects conveniently and quickly. We are pleased to use the hosting, a wide range of domains, free web pages and e-shop.

Particular internet applications are easily controlled and we are able to be adaptable to our or our client's needs. In case of need there is always a technical support at our disposal, which is very important for us."

David Wardas, Firemky s.r.o.

Other References

CHIP 01/08

For the third time we have been placed among the most favourable providers of web hosting.

However, the magazine CHIP (page 92) didn't mention the complete offer of our services and didn't evaluate the technical support which only we provide NONSTOP from the mentioned web hostings in the magazine. Our CZ domain is also cheap (150 CZK).  Price of many other providers reaches to 451 CZK.

COMPUTER 17/06 - webhosting COMPUTER 17/06

COMPUTER 17/06 belongs to the most desirable providers of webhosting, see p. 90-91.
COMPUTER 17/06 - webhosting COMPUTER 17/06


Chosen providers of web hosting and parametres of offered services, see page 14-15.
COMPUTER 7/05 - webhosting COMPUTER 7/05

Fil's blog

An interesting hosting with untypically big space for fair price (900 CZK/year). the whole article