Kontaktovat technickou podporu můžete zde.

Products company tries to offer you as wide range of aplications as possible to simplify using of your web hosting. We offer some of them free of charge others for the lowest price. Today, these projects are active.

WWW Sites for free - hundreds of clients are now using the option to have their own pages for free.

E-shop - This is still developing an e-shop project whose goal is to create possibly the most perfect web shop at the Czech market.

Communities for Free - editorial system for small and middle municipalities, there is everything what a municipality can need to run its pages.

A Reservation System for Free - it enables to administer booking of tables, bowling alleys, squash-courts, etc.

Slevomaker - the easiest way to set up your own discount portal

Blogging System - set up a blog or a journal easily

Other Graphic Design Work - have our experienced team create your promotional graphicsm

Preinstalled Opensource - install Joomla, Wordpress or others with but a click of a button