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Why to choose our e-shop?

You get a quality presentation of your products with the minimal operating costs through our e-shop. Moreover, we are one of the few who will provide you with a non-stop technical support free of charge and with a help to operate your own e-shop. There are more reasons why to choose our product and not any other, see below.

Try out our e-shop for free!

We have prepared for you a new e-shop in version 7! It contains many new features that will make your work more productive and efficient. You will find a detailed list of the changes over here.

Satisfied users with different demands for the e-shop

More than a hundred satisfied customers use our e-shop. Each of these customers have completely different demands on an e-shop. One customer sells sports clothes, another one perfumes or e. g. notebook computers. Some customers pays VAT, some don't. Our e-shop is simply adjustable to everything. It is really easy to work with the e-shop and if you still do not know what to do, we are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Individual look

Every e-shop can have its own unique look. You can choose from many pre-defined styles which you can combine with various background motives and with various colours. If you wish to have something which is diametrically different, our graphic designers will create you a unique look (free of charge) of your e-shop.

All necessary functions

It makes no sense to mention there all the particular functions because our e-shop gives exactly what you expect: sale vouchers, automatic storehouse, easy connection with accounting systems or the Czech post program, inserting articles into the e-shop, etc. 

Tools for marketing

E-shop offers an easy placement in the catalogues called and A part of the solution is also SEO optimization for search engines and another tools for an internet marketing such as the possibility of sending newsletters or analysis of access.

And last but not least, the entire service

  • we implement your e-shop free of charge and within 24 hours
  • A unique graphic design for only CZK 350 excl. VAT (CZK 424 incl. VAT), which includes setting up the e-shop for you!
    (send us your requests to
  • there is non-stop technical support at your disposal
  • this everything cost great CZK 375 a month (without VAT)
  • it is possible to try our e-shop without obligation
  • every customer gets the possibility of regular upgrades to higher versions
  • a great number of new functions which were created on the initiative of our customers
  • you can order the e-shop together with web hosting in our order form